The fact of the matter is that we now live in an electronic world. We use electricity for just about everything, from getting on the internet, to watching tv, to reading books, and much, much more. This is why, in the last decade, electronic locks have grown substantially in popularity.

Electronic locks offer a number of benefits that you just can’t get from traditional key locks. These benefits present themselves in the ways of security, accessibility, and ease of use.

Wondering if your business should opt for electronic locks in Downers Grove, Illinois? Read on to help you make your decision.

Automatic Scheduled Locking

One of the troubles with traditional key locks is that they have to be unlocked manually. While unlocking just a single lock manually is not too big of a deal, unlocking tens of locks manually can be fairly time-consuming.

Electronic locks are different from traditional key locks because you don’t necessarily have to lock and unlock them manually. You can instead program them to automatically lock and unlock at given times.

hese locks are programmed with the use of a companion software, allowing for a great deal of custom variation. If you want to automatically unlock one lock at 7:00 AM, and automatically unlock another lock at 8:00 AM, the software will allow you to do so.

Having your locks set on a schedule also ensures that you don’t leave them unlocked past business hours. This can prevent intruders from breaking into your business.

No Keys Required

There are, in general, two types of electronic locks: keypad locks and keycard locks. If you opt for electronic keypad locks, you will not have to worry about carrying a key around with you.

Not only can carrying a key at all times be a nuisance, having to make new keys whenever a new employee needs access can be a nuisance as well. Electronic keypad locks essentially put an end to these nuisances.

If you want to make your building’s accessibility as simple as possible, it’s wise to opt for electronic keypad locks.

Difficult to Pick

One of the biggest flaws when it comes to traditional key locks is that they are fairly easy to pick. In most cases, traditional locks will have an opening through which an intruder could potentially jimmy the locking mechanism.

The vast majority of electronic locks do not contain these openings. What this means is that they are virtually impossible to pick.

With electronic locks, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is that keypad codes don’t get into the wrong hands. As long as they don’t, your building will remain secured.

Easy Accessibility Changes

When dealing with traditional key locks, the only way to provide and take away access is by providing and taking away keys. Attempting to create and wrangle up keys whenever an employee is hired or let go can be a pain, to say the least.

When using electronic locks, however, you won’t have to worry about this. Electronic keycard locks allow you to activate and deactivate access cards through a remote software. While you’ll still have to provide new access cards to new employees, you’ll be able to take access away from old employees with a few computer mouse clicks.

If you’re using electronic keypad locks, you can simply provide and deactivate new codes to accommodate new and old employees respectively.

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