door-lock-installationIn this day and age, well-functioning door locks are an absolute necessity. If your locks are impaired in any way, they are vulnerable to being picked by thieves.

For this reason, you’ll want to ensure that your Warrenville locks are always in tip-top shape. How can you ensure this? By keeping your eyes open for certain indications.

Below, we will discuss the most common signs that your door locks need repaired or replaced.

Your House Was Recently Broken Into

Has your house been broken into since the last time you changed your locks? If so, we recommend having your locks changed as soon as possible. The only exception to this is if the intruder broke in through a window or an unlocked door.

If someone broke in through your locks, there is one of two possibilities: 1. Someone has a key to your locks, or 2. Someone was able to pick your locks with a tool.

In either case, the integrity of your locks has proven itself to be compromised. It’s time to replace your existing locks with locks that intruders can no longer break into.

Someone Has Keys to Your Locks

Maybe you gave a spare key to an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend? Perhaps you gave keys to a neighbor so that they could watch your pets while you were on vacation? In any case, there are keys to your home floating around that could end up in the wrong hands.

While you could try to retrieve these keys, there is no way of knowing whether or not the people you retrieve them from have already made copies. In truth, your safest option is to have your locks changed.

Changing your locks entirely is the only way to ensure that unwanted individuals are not using spare keys to make their way into your home.

Your Locks Don’t Turn Easily

Do you have to struggle every time to unlock your door? If so, your locks are likely suffering from some sort of impairment, and might need to be replaced.

You should never have to exert any remarkable amount of effort in order to turn a key in a lock. Locks are designed to turn smoothly with a simple twisting of their corresponding keys. If they don’t turn smoothly, they might be jammed with residue, or have simply broken down to the point of dysfunction.

In some cases, hard-turning locks can be repaired. In most cases, however, you are better off by having them replaced entirely.

Your Locks Don’t Feel Secure

When you give your locked doors a tug, do they feel loose? If so, they’re almost certainly not secured in the way that they’re designed to be secured.

Allowing your locks to exist in this state makes your home especially vulnerable to break-ins. Experienced thieves will likely have no trouble getting through a lock that sits loosely against your door.

You might be able to make repairs to this lock. However, there’s also a chance that it will need to be replaced. In either case, an experienced locksmith can get the job done for you.

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