lock-replacement-addison-illinoisLocks are tough, designed to thrive through decades of consistent use. That said, they’re not indestructible. Eventually, they will lose their functionality, and they’ll cease to function as intended. When this point arrives, there’s typically only one thing you can do: have your locks replaced.

Are your Addison locks less functional than they once were? Wondering whether it’s time to have them replaced? Here are a few signs that will help you make the determination.

Your Home Was Recently Broken Into

Has an unwanted individual entered your home within the last few weeks or months? If so, and if he or she entered through a locked door, it’s imperative that you have your locks replaced. Why is this? Because the unwanted individual most likely knows how to get into your house through your existing locks.

There are a few different ways by which an unwanted individual could find his or her way through a locked door. In most cases, when this happens, it’s because the unwanted individual has possession of a compatible key. Note, though, that there’s also a chance that the lock was picked.

Regardless, your locks are probably lacking the necessary security. As such, you’ll want to upgrade them as soon as possible. Your local locksmith can facilitate this for you, informing you of the benefit of traditional locks, electronic locks, and otherwise.

Your Lock Turns Roughly

Like all things, locks wear down over time, deteriorating and failing to perform as intended. There are a few different signs that a lock has become dysfunctional, but perhaps the most obvious of these signs is the inability to turn smoothly.

If you have to use great force on your lock every time you attempt to engage or disengage it, it could be past its prime. While a repair might help it temporarily, it might be better to go with a full replacement.

Your Locks Look Antiquated

Your locks don’t need to be performing poorly in order to be replaced. An outdated appearance is more than enough reason to opt for a change.

If the looks of your locks are dragging down the aesthetic value of your home, there’s no shame in making a change. There are a variety of locks on the market today, each of which offers something unique in terms of aesthetics. A seasoned locksmith can help you find something appropriate for your home.

There are Keys to Your Locks Floating Around

Perhaps you gave a spare key to your best friend so that he or she could take care of your plants while you were out of town? Maybe you gave a key to an ex-partner and he or she never gave it back?

Whatever the case may be, if there are keys to your house out on the loose, you’ll want to have your locks changed. A lock replacement is the only guaranteed way to ensure that your friend or ex-partner (or whoever else) can’t access your home through your doors without you knowing.

It’s also worth noting here that some unknown individuals could have keys to your locks. These individuals include everyone from previous residents of the home, to construction employees, and otherwise. Therefore, if you haven’t replaced your locks since you first moved in, the safe move is to have them replaced.

Do You Need a Lock Replacement in Addison, Illinois?

Have you experienced any of the problems reviewed above? Are your locks no longer functional? If so, and if you’re looking for a professional lock replacement in Addison, Illinois, then Suburban Door Check & Lock Service is the company to call.

Our locksmiths are highly skilled and experienced, having replaced thousands of locks throughout Addison and its surrounding areas. Regardless of the types of locks you’re looking to install, we can help.

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