Convenient and Trusted Locksmith Service in Orland Park, IL

Do you feel safe and secure in your home? Does your business have adequate protection from burglars and thieves? Many Orland Park, IL business owners and homeowners don’t have this peace of mind because their security systems are outdated or nonexistent. Suburban Door Check and Lock Service is a trusted and friendly locksmith service that provides top-notch security services to the entire Chicago area, including Orland Park. We work with a variety of trusted manufacturers, and your safety and security is our top priority.

Commercial Locksmith Service

When you own your own business and it’s housed in a large building, we understand that securing it can be a challenge. With a large perimeter and a variety of different entry points for burglars, your business may seem like an easy target for people who want to break in. However, this poses no problem for our security experts, as we have decades of experience securing both large and small buildings all over the Orland Park, IL area.

One of the best ways of securing your commercial space is to install a keyless entry system. Instead of having to manage a large collection of keys, you can manage multiple locks simply by entering a code into a keypad. A keyless entry system is also more difficult to break into, as the lock cannot be picked.

Services We Provide

In addition to installing safe keyless entry systems for your commercial business, our locksmith serving Orland Park also will provide an additional number of security solutions:

  • ADA handicap door openers
  • Commercial keying and master keying
  • Electronic keypad locksets
  • Electric strikes and installation
  • ADA door closers and automatic operators
  • High security/key control locks and cylinders

Of course, we also provide residential services to help secure your home. We will install new locks or provide you with new keys, install residential safes, or service your existing locks.

Trusted Locksmith Serving Orland Park

Suburban Door Check and Lock Service is a family-owned and operated company that has been in operation since 1963. We have been providing service to the lovely town of Orland Park since our inception, and we are proud to continue to be members of the community. We love strolling around the parks in the village and take every opportunity we can get to stay active in the Sportsplex and the Centennial Park Aquatic Center. It’s also hard to beat a warm, sunny day spent picnicking, fishing, or boating at Lake Sedgewick or McGinnis Slough. We also enjoy shopping at the many stores in Orland Park Crossing and the Orland Square Mall.

To discuss your security needs or to make an appointment, simply give us a call at (630) 968-4727. Whether you’re a business owner, run a restaurant, or operate an office in Orland Park, our team of experts will be able to come up with a security plan that will meet your needs. We can answer all of your questions and schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you and your employees.