Secure Your Home with a Trusted Locksmith in Oak Park, IL

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner in Oak Park, IL, you’ll surely want the assurance of security. Here at Suburban Door Check and Lock Service, we are a trusted, family-owned and operated locksmith service that has been in operation for over 50 years. We take pride in providing a wide variety of locksmith services to homes and local businesses all over the Chicago area.

Services We Provide to Oak Park Homes and Businesses

Do you want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with feeling safe and secure in your home or business? We understand that securing an entire commercial business sounds like a daunting task, but our lock and hardware specialists have decades of experience with this task.

One of the best ways of securing your commercial space is to install a keyless entry system. Instead of having to manage a large collection of keys, you can manage multiple locks simply by entering a code into a keypad. A keyless entry system is also more difficult to break into, as the lock cannot be picked.

Here are some of the different services that we provide:

Commercial Services in Oak Park

  • Electronic keypad devices and lock hardware
  • ADA door closers and automatic operators
  • Key control cylinders and key systems
  • Safes and safe combination changes
  • Steel door and frame replacements and repairs


Whether you’re a landlord of an apartment building or own a home, it’s important to keep your tenants or family secure. Besides lock services, we can also install safes so important documents and valuables are secure in case of a fire or break-in.

Residential Services in Oak Park

  • Residential safes
  • Repairs and service on most lock brands
  • New locks/re-keying services

Locksmith Serving Oak Park

Our locksmith service has been in operation since 1963. Our years of experience has shown us how important it is to stay up to date with the technological updates of the hardware and lock industry. After all, burglars and thieves are always finding new ways to break into homes and businesses, so we are constantly evolving our security techniques to combat them.

We work with the most trusted home security manufacturers in the business, including Adams Rite, American Padlock, Folger Adam, and Kwikset.

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Oak Park, IL is known as a safe town, but break-ins can occur anywhere. We love serving the historic and quaint town of Oak Park, thanks to its vibrant arts culture, unique architecture, and proximity to Chicago amenities without the hassles that come with living in a big city. Accessed via the Metra or green and blue El lines, Oak Park is a quick 20 minute ride to the heart of downtown Chicago. It’s also easy to get to Westside neighborhoods like Ukrainian Village, Logan Square, and Wicker Park. We love strolling down the beautifully-landscaped streets of Oak Park and taking in the Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and we take extra pride in providing the necessary security to keep intruders out of these architectural gems.

If you’re ready to schedule a visit from one of our security experts, give us a call at 630-968-4727. We look forward to securing your Oak Park home or business.