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Importance of Locks in Households and Businesses in Chicago

Medeco Deadbolt

Your home is a place where you and your family should have the ability to relax and feel safe, day or night. Without having high quality locks on your doors that relaxing feeling can turn to stress and worry. Having the ability to securely lock your doors, home or not, is an option everyone deserves.

Despite the fact that most people understand the importance of locks, you still hear horror stories of people leaving their home or business unlocked and coming back to find that they had been robbed. It is an unfortunate truth about the world we live in

Things to Know About Entry Door Locks

Whether you are looking for new or replacement entry door locks, there are many things to consider.

You will need to think about some of the following:

•  Backset – The distance between the center of the bore hole and the edge of the door, usually 2-3/8” or 2-3/4”, but could be anywhere from 2” to 5”.

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