Are you in the process of building a new commercial property? Perhaps you’re making some updates to your current commercial property? In either case, you’ll likely need to choose which type of commercial locks you want to install.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you might be wondering: what types of commercial locks are available? There are several great options you may want to consider for your property. To help you find the right option, this commercial locksmith in Bedford Park, Illinois is going to review them below.

Cylindrical Locks

If you’re looking for something basic, you could go with cylindrical locks. These are manual locks that you engage and disengage by turning a lever from side to side. They’re extremely easy to use and offer excellent security as well.

These locks make use of physical keys. Because of this, they don’t allow for any automation. That said, you can replicate as many keys as you need, allowing mass access to everyone in your building if required.

You’ll find cylindrical locks on doors of all kinds, including both exterior doors and interior doors. They come in a variety of styles and are made from several materials. If you’re interested in installing cylindrical locks, give a call to your local commercial locksmith in Bedford Park, Illinois. They’ll show you what’s available and then help you make an appropriate choice.

Electronic Keypad Locks

Another option for you to consider is electronic keypad locks. These electricity-powered locks are engaged and disengaged with the entering of a passcode. This passcode is usually between four and six digits long and is entered via a keypad.

These locks are great in that they offer tons of access variation. For instance, you could program countless viable passcodes into them as a means of granting individual access capabilities to everyone in your building. That way, if there is a personnel change, you can simply invalidate their individual passcode as a means of keeping them out of the building.

These locks can also allow for automation. In other words, you can program them so that they lock and unlock at given times. This can be highly beneficial in buildings that possess numerous doors.

Your commercial locksmith in Bedford Park, Illinois can install electronic keypad locks on both interior and exterior doors. That said, they’re more commonly used on exteriors.

Exit Devices

Are you familiar with the long, narrow, horizontally facing locks that exist on fire doors? Those are called exit devices and they’re commonly used on other types of doors as well.

Exit devices are commonly found in warehouses, factories, etc. You might also find them in restaurants, schools, and offices as well.

These locks are highly secure. In addition, they’re exceedingly easy to disengage. You can simply bump them with a hip, after which, they’ll open and allow full access. This can be advantageous in situations where individuals’ hands are often full.

These locks are used on both interior and exterior doors. That said, it’s more common to find them on exterior doors.

If you’re interested in installing exit devices on your doors, do not hesitate to reach out to your local commercial locksmith in Bedford Park, Illinois. They will find the perfect ones for your property and install them in a fully secure and functional manner.

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