Residential safe company in Oakbrook Terrace IllinoisLooking for a secure space to store your jewelry? Maybe you have guns in the home that you want to keep locked away from your children? In either case, you could benefit from installing a residential safe in your home.

When it comes to purchasing a safe, you shouldn’t just purchase the first one you come across. In fact, there are quite a few considerations you should make before choosing the one that’s right for you. This residential safe company in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois is going to explain some of the most important factors to consider below.

The Safe’s Weight

One of the first things to consider when choosing a residential safe is its weight. You want to make sure that the safe is heavy enough so that it can’t be stolen with ease. The heavier the safe, the less risk there is of someone taking it.

At an absolute minimum, your safe should weigh 150 pounds. Note, though, that it’s ideal to choose a safe of 200 pounds or more. 200 pounds is extremely difficult for most people to lift; and if someone can lift it, they’re going to have trouble going anywhere with it.

The Safe’s Fire Protection Capabilities

The next thing to consider when choosing a safe is the safe’s fire protection capabilities. Not all safes are created equal in this department. Whereas some safes provide almost no fire protection at all, other safes can keep their contents protected for hours.

To determine a specific safe’s fire protection capabilities, you need only to look at its label. This should be adorned with a fire rating (which is tested and verified by an independent company).

A knowledgeable residential safe company in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois will recommend choosing a safe with an appropriate level of fire protection. The more valuable the safe’s contents, the longer its fire protection should last.

The Types of Items You’re Looking to Store

Another thing to consider when choosing a safe is the types of items you’re looking to store. Different items command different types of safes.

For instance, are you looking to store guns? If so, you unquestionably need a gun safe. Maybe you’re just looking to store paper documents? A standard floor safe would suit you fine.

There are all sorts of safes out there on the market today. If you need help choosing one that suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact a residential safe company in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

Your Preferred Lock Style

Residential safes come with a wide variety of locks.  None of these locks is any better than the others. However, there might be a type that you prefer. Your local residential safe company in Oakbrook Terrace can help.

Safe Styles

As was noted above, safes come in a variety of different styles. Some safes are designed to be built into the ground. Others are designed to be built into the wall. Some are freestanding, and they can be installed essentially anywhere.

None of these options is inherently better than the others. That said, there might be an option that better suits your needs. You should consider all your options before making a choice.

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