Residential locksmith in Villa Park IllinoisLocks are designed to hold up through years of consistent use. However, locks sometimes need to be repaired for a variety of reasons.

Are you wondering whether your locks need to be repaired? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, this residential locksmith in Villa Park, Illinois is going to discuss some of the most common indications that it’s time for a repair.

Do You Have Difficulty Turning Your Keys?

One sign that you need lock repair is that you have difficulty turning your keys. In other words, if the key doesn’t turn with a simple turn of your wrist, there’s something awry.

In many cases, this is a simple matter of lubrication. Namely, there’s not enough of it. In other cases, however, there’s an issue with the mechanical components of the lock itself.

Regardless, if you’re experiencing this problem, you should have it assessed by a residential locksmith in Villa Park, Illinois. They will be able to determine the source of the issue and make all necessary repairs.

Did a Key Break Off in Your Lock?

Perhaps the most urgent sign that you need lock repair is that a key broke off inside of your lock. You went to turn the key only for it to break in half with the leading portion of the key still inside of the keyhole. Now, you can’t get the leading portion out, and therefore can’t open your door.

In this scenario, you’re going to have to find a way to remove the stuck portion of the key. You could attempt to do this on your own, but you might find it more difficult than you had imagined.

You would be better served by calling up your local Villa Park residential locksmith. They will have all the tools and resources needed to remove the stuck portion of the key. Then, if necessary, they can make a copy of your key, allowing you to continue using your lock in the future.

Do Your Locks Feel Loose Against Your Doors?

Another sign that you need lock repair is that your locks feel loose against your doors. In other words, they jiggle around when being used.

This often occurs over time due to consistent use. The locks’ attachments are loosening and need to be tightened. Until they are, security will be compromised.

You could attempt to tighten your locks on your own. However, if you have no experience in doing so, you’re better off bringing in a residential locksmith.

Does It Take Great Effort to Engage Your Locks?

Engaging a lock shouldn’t be a physical exercise. It should be as simple as turning a latch.

If you’re using a great deal of effort (such as lifting the door, putting all your body weight into it) just to engage a lock, you know for certain that there’s a problem.

There’s a high likelihood that your door has become misaligned. Therefore, the lock mechanisms aren’t lining up as they used to.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to realign the door and ensure that the mechanisms are working in concert with each other. A licensed residential locksmith in Villa Park, Illinois can help you with the task.

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