Residential locksmith in Clarendon Hills Illinois

Are you in the process of building a new house? Maybe you’re looking to make some updates to your existing house? If so, you might be interested in installing new locks.

The question you might have, however, is what types of residential locks are available? This residential locksmith in Clarendon Hills, Illinois is going to review some of the most popular options below.

Deadbolt Locks

First, we’re going to discuss deadbolt locks. Deadbolts offer the best security due to the fact that the bolt extends into the door frame to give the strongest resistance to kick ins and forced entry.

Deadbolts are engaged and disengaged with the use of either a key or a turnable knob. While they can be used on their own, they’re often used in tandem with another lock, thus allowing for more security and flexibility, when needed.

You can find deadbolt locks in several styles and materials. Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, your residential locksmith in Clarendon Hills, Illinois is sure to have an option that suits your home.

Entry Door Knobs

Next, we’re going to talk about entry door knobs. These are heavy-duty door knobs with locks built into them. From their exteriors, they’re engaged and disengaged with the help of keys. From their interiors, they’re engaged and disengaged with a turnable knob.

These locks generally aren’t as secure as deadbolt locks. However, they’re beneficial in that they can be locked from the inside of the house before leaving.

Entry door knobs are available in an endless array of styles and materials. To see what styles and materials are available, you can reach out to your local residential locksmith in Clarendon Hills, Illinois.

Electronic Locks

There are a wide variety of electronic locks out on the market today, from FOB-based locks to keypad-based locks and more. These offer great convenience and, in some cases, enable you to provide individual access to certain people.

Take keypad locks, for instance. These engage and disengage with the use of a passcode. If you want, you can set a single passcode and be done with it. However, another option is to provide a different passcode to everyone that comes into the house. This way, should you choose to eventually restrict access to a specific individual, you can simply invalidate their passcode instead of changing everyone else’s passcode.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of installing electronic keypad locks in your Clarendon Hills home is that they don’t require a physical key. As such, if you wanted to, say, go for a run, you could do it without a metal object jangling in your pocket.

Entry Door Levers

The last locks we’re going to discuss are entry door levers. These are like entry door knobs in that they’re engaged and disengaged with keys from the outside, and with knobs from the inside. Also, like entry door knobs, they provide a good level of security, but they aren’t as secure as deadbolts.

The big benefit of entry door levers is how easy they are to disengage. You don’t have to grip the lever — you can simply press it down. This allows you to get into the house with ease, even if your hands are full.

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