Residential home safe in Elgin, Illinois

If you’ve been thinking about installing a residential safe in your home recently, you probably have some questions. What can a residential safe really offer? What kinds of items are put in a residential safe, anyway?

We’re going to answer those questions and more below, explaining everything there is to know about installing a residential safe in Elgin, Illinois.

What Does a Safe Protect Its Contents From?

At a bare minimum, a safe will protect its contents from theft. With that said, many safes also offer fireproof capabilities. This allows them to protect their contents from house fires for a certain number of minutes, based on its fireproof rating.

Safes are also beneficial in that they can help you avoid misplacing things. This is because a safe can be used as a convenient storage spot for, say, a passport or a watch. If you were to instead store your important items in a cluttered drawer, for example, there’s a change that you could forget where you placed them. A safe can act as an official storage spot for these items, so you’ll always know where to look to find them.

A safe can also be used to keep certain items away from children or pets. Residential safes in Elgin can be used to store potent medication, or to keep guns and weapons away from children.

What Items Can Be Stored in a Safe?

There are all sorts of items that you can store inside a safe. These vary from jewelry to legal documents to cash to family heirlooms and more. If it’s important to you, or if it’s valuable, a residential safe can be the perfect storage spot.

As we briefly mentioned above, other items that are commonly stored in safes include guns, knives, and potentially dangerous medications. Documents such as passports, birth certificates, and social security cards can also be stored inside residential safes.

Types of Residential Safes

Residential safes in Elgin, Illinois come in many different styles. Some of the most popular types of safes include the following:

Floor Safes

Aptly named, floor safes are safes that are installed inside of floors, or underground. They are discreet, compact, and very difficult to run away with.

Wall Safes

Whereas floor safes are installed in floors, wall safes are installed in walls. Like floor safes, wall safes take up very little space, and they’re extremely difficult for potential thieves to pick up and take off with.

Stand-alone Safes

Stand-alone safes are safes that you can pick up and move from place to place within your home. They’re entirely self-contained, and they can stand up straight without assistance from floors, walls, or otherwise. One thing to note with this type of safe is that you may want to consider the weight of the safe. If it’s relatively light, a thief could potentially pick it up and haul it away.

Gun Safes

As the name implies, safes that are specifically designed to store guns. There are gun safes available for all types of guns — from handguns to rifles and so on. If you have guns in your home, it’s highly recommended that you store them inside a gun safe.

Ready to Install a Residential Safe in Elgin, Illinois?

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