Residential locksmith in Naperville, Illinois

Residential locks are designed to excel through all sorts of wear and tear. But despite how tough they are, they’re far from infallible. They will eventually reach a point where a repair is not an option, and a replacement will need to be made.

Are you wondering whether you need residential lock replacement? If so, you’ve come to the right place — this residential locksmith in Naperville, Illinois is going to discuss the four main signs below.

1. Your Home Was Recently Broken Into

One sign that you might need to replace your locks is that your home was recently broken into. If someone broke into your home, and if they broke in through a locked door, then your locks should absolutely be replaced.

If this happened once, it could easily happen again. In other words, your home isn’t safe until your locks are replaced.

Fortunately, there are all sorts of locks out there that you can use as a replacement. Whether you want to install cylindrical locks, mortise locks, electronic locks, or otherwise, your Naperville locksmith can get it done.

2. Your Locks Are Hard to Turn

Another sign that it’s time for a lock replacement in Naperville, Illinois is that your locks are hard to turn. This is something that tends to happen to locks as they age. Their internal mechanisms become dirty and rusted, and they struggle to turn like they once did.

As such, homeowners with these types of locks are forced to apply great pressure just to lock or unlock their doors. In some cases, the pressure applied can even cause the key to break off inside the lock.

Depending on the severity of the issue, you might be able to fix this with a repair. However, in most cases, a full lock replacement is recommended. You can contact your local locksmith to have them assess the issue and determine the best course of action.

3. Your Locks Are Dragging Down the Aesthetic of Your Home

As time passes, locks tend to lose a bit of their aesthetic luster. This is just a simple, unavoidable part of the aging process. But the problem is, when locks lose their aesthetic luster, the corresponding home suffers as well.

As such, many homeowners choose to replace their locks when they start to look outdated. If they’re dragging down the overall aesthetic of your home, then there’s nothing wrong with installing newer locks.

There are all sorts of great-looking locks on the market today, all of which would be a worthy replacement for your existing locks. You can contact your residential locksmith in Naperville to see what’s available to you.

4. An Unwanted Individual Has One of Your Keys

The last sign we’re going to discuss is that an unwanted individual has a copy of one of your keys. This could be an ex-roommate, an ex-spouse, the contractor who built the house, the previous owner, or otherwise.

In any case, if an unwanted individual has a key to your home, your home is considered vulnerable. Although it may be unlikely, that person could try to enter your home at any time. As such, a lock replacement is strongly recommended. Your Naperville residential locksmith can help you with this task.

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