Lock safe at a house in Lemont, Illinois

Do you have a lot of valuable items in your home? Want to protect them as much as possible? If so, you should consider installing a residential safe in Lemont, Illinois.

Residential safes are beneficial in a number of ways, offering protection against theft, misplacement, and even fire. Are you interested in learning more about them? We’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know.

What Can You Store Inside a Residential Safe?

There are many different things that you can put inside a residential safe. With that being said, the items that are most commonly stored in a residential safe include the following:


Cash is often stored in residential safes, as it’s not backed by anything if it gets lost, stolen, or destroyed. If you have a lot of cash in your home, it’s wise to store it inside a home safe.

Important Documents

People tend to store their most important documents in residential safes, as trying to replace those documents can be a great (and expensive) pain. These documents vary from birth certificates, to passports, to social security cards, to house deeds, and much more.


Weapons are often stored in residential safes as well — not only to protect them from theft, but to protect children from misusing them. If you have guns, knives, or some other type of weapons in your home, you should store them in a residential safe to avoid any accidents.

Potent Medications

If you take prescription medications, and if you have children or pets in your home, you might want to consider storing these medications in a residential safe. This way, they can’t be accidentally consumed.


Heirlooms are valuable because they’re one-of-a-kind. As such, if they get lost or destroyed, they can’t be replaced. This is why many individuals opt to store important heirlooms inside residential safes.


Jewelry is often stored inside residential safes as well. After all, jewelry is one of the most common targets for thieves. When it’s not being worn, it’s best to keep it locked inside a safe.

The Benefits of Residential Safes

Residential safes provide a number of benefits. These benefits include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

Protection from Theft

There are unscrupulous individuals in this world, and some of them break into houses and steal valuable items. You don’t want to become a victim of one of these individuals. This is why having a home safe is so important.

Residential safes are made out of heavy-duty steel, and they are extremely difficult to break through. Equipped with top-notch locks, they’re exceedingly difficult to pick as well.

Some Protection Against Fire

Though residential safes aren’t entirely fire-proof, they do offer some protection against fire. If your home were to catch on fire, the items within your safe would have a chance of being spared — at least much more of a chance than they would have if they weren’t inside of a safe.

The Ability to Keep Certain Items Away from Young Children and Pets

Another benefit of residential safes is that they allow you to keep certain items away from young children and pets. Whether you have weapons, expensive jewelry, or potent medications in your home, you can store them in a safe to avoid any issues.

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