Gardall safe at a house in Streamwood, IllinoisIf you’re looking to secure your valuable items, there are few better options than storing them inside a residential safe. Made out of heavy-duty steel and possessing high-quality locks, home safes are extremely difficult to break into.

Are you wondering whether you should install a residential safe in Streamwood, Illinois? To help you decide, we’re going to explain a lot you need to know about them.

What Can You Store in a Residential Safe?

As long as it fits, you can store essentially anything inside a residential safe. That being said, some items are more commonly stored in them than others. Some of these items include birth certificates, passports, insurance policies, medications, weapons, heirlooms, jewelry, and cash.

In short, if you have an item that requires extra protection and security, you would be wise to store it inside a residential safe. There are all sorts of safes out there, and there’s sure to be one that can accommodate your needs.

The Benefits of Residential Safes

Residential safes offer a variety of benefits. The most prominent of these benefits include the following:

Theft Protection

Though you hope that it never happens to your home, home break-ins do occur. As such, it’s best to be prepared. This includes safely storing your valuables.

What better way to safely store your valuables than by keeping them inside a residential safe? Residential safes are extremely difficult to break into, and they provide excellent theft protection.

Avoid Misplacement

Another benefit of a residential safe is that it helps you avoid misplacing things. Because safes are so prominent as storage receptacles, they make for a great central location to keep your important items.

You won’t have to dig through cabinets and drawers to find what you’re looking for. You can simply walk straight to your safe and grab the possessions you need.

Protection from Tragedies

Not only are safes good for keeping intruders away from certain items, but they’re also good or keeping kids and pets away from certain items. Specifically, they can keep children and pets away from weapons and potent medications.

If you have guns, knives, or potentially dangerous medications in your home, it’s strongly recommended that you store them in a safe. By doing so, you could avoid a tragedy.

Types of Safes

There are many different types of residential safes. Some of the most popular of these safes include the following:

Wall Safes

As the name implies, wall safes are installed inside of walls. Their doors extend past the ends of their respective walls, allowing for access as needed. Wall safes are set in one place, and they are extremely difficult to move around from one place to another.

Floor Safe

Whereas wall safes are installed inside of walls, floor safes are installed under floors. Their doors sit on the surface of the floor, covering the contents of the safes completely.

Gun Safes

If you’re looking to store guns, in particular, you can make use of a gun safe. Gun safes are specifically designed to store guns, providing interior racks that can hold guns firmly in place. Available in a variety of sizes, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs.

Interested in Installing a Residential Safe in Streamwood, Illinois?

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