New front door locks on a house in Countryside, IllinoisThough moving into a new residence is a truly exciting experience, it’s also typically a stressful one. That’s because, while the home may be in good shape, it still generally needs a few touch ups.

Perhaps the most important of these touchups involves replacing the locks. What is that? It’s important to change the locks on a home you just bought? That’s right!

Here are four reasons to hire a Countryside residential locksmith to change the locks on your new home:

1. The Previous Owners of the Home Could Still Have Keys in Their Possession

When you purchase a house from somebody, you are given not only the property, but everything related to the property. This not only includes the yard and the driveway, but the keys to the locks as well.

Yes, the vast majority of the time, the keys will be handed over in their entirety. Note, though, that in some cases, the previous homeowners could actually keep extra keys in their possession. If this happens to be the case with your home, you would be left vulnerable. After all, if the previous homeowners have keys, they could conceivably break into your home at any time.

You don’t want this to happen. As such, in order to protect yourself and your family, it’s best that you have your locks replaced.

2. You Could Have Been Lied to About the State of the Locks

When closing on your home, you might have asked the previous owner about installing new locks. The previous owner might have agreed to do this. However, just because there was an agreement in place, it doesn’t mean that the locks were actually changed. Unfortunately, individuals sometimes lie about these types of things.

If you were, in fact, lied to, somebody else could actually have access to your home. This could include not only the ex-owner of the home, but his or her friends and/or family as well.

To keep yourself safe, it’s wise to change the locks yourself after you’ve moved in. This will leave no doubt as to who has access to your home.

3. Construction Workers Could Have Keys to Your Locks

Perhaps your home was built from scratch? Your locks have to be safe in that situation, right? Not necessarily. In actuality, one of the construction workers who built your house could have corresponding keys in his or her possession.

While you would hope that these individuals wouldn’t try to break into a client’s home, you can never be too sure. The safer bet is to call a residential locksmith and have him or her replace your locks. This will serve two benefits: 1. Your locks will have been installed by a skilled professional, and 2. You’ll be the only person with access to your home.

4. A Random Individual Could Have Keys to Your Locks

One last reason to hire a Countryside residential locksmith after having bought a new home is that random individuals could have keys to your locks. These individuals could vary from the previous owner’s ex-spouse, to the neighbors, to just about anyone else.

The point is that it’s impossible to know who might have access to your home. You don’t want to leave anything to doubt when it comes to your security — it’s best to have new locks installed and have some peace of mind.

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