New front door locks at a house in Batavia, IllinoisLocks are generally very reliable. However, whether it be due to time or circumstance, they can become impaired at some point.

Are you wondering whether your locks are impaired? Curious as to whether or not you need a lock replacement and locksmith in Batavia? Here are four signs that you do:

1. You Just Moved into a New House

Have you recently moved into a new house? If so, you’ll likely be focused on getting unpacked and settling in. However, before you do this, you should think about one important task: having your locks replaced.

Your locks may seem secure. You may have even been told that they were brand new. Unfortunately, however, if you weren’t the person to install them, there’s a chance that somebody out there has a key that can open them.

This “somebody” could be anyone from the past owners of the house, to a real estate agent, and more. Regardless of who it is, you will be left vulnerable until your locks are changed. We recommend making the replacement as soon as you can.

2. Your Locks are Difficult to Turn

Does it take a lot of effort just for you to turn your key inside the lock? Do you have to pull your door in hard before engaging your dead bolt? If so, it’s probably time for a lock replacement.

While repairs can sometimes fix these problems, they often come up short; and the more repairs you need, the more money you’ll pay. As such, in many cases, a full lock replacement ends up being the more cost-effective option overall.

In any case, you should think about calling your local locksmith. He or she can assess your locks and determine whether they’d benefit more from a replacement or a repair.

3. You’ve Recently Experienced a Break-in

Maybe you’ve recently experienced a break-in? Maybe that break-in occurred through one of your locked doors? If so, there’s no doubt about it: you should replace the lock on that door.

After all, if that lock has been compromised once, it could just as easily be compromised again. If you don’t make the change, your home could be a prime target for another break-in.

There are all types of locks you could go with for your replacement — from classic cylindrical locks, to electronic keypad locks, and much more. Modern locks are highly secure, and they will go a long way in preventing break-ins in the future. Give your local locksmith a call, and he or she can help you choose the option that works best for your home.

4. Your Locks are Aesthetically Outdated

Many homeowners find that their locks still work fine, but they are outdated aesthetically. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, and if you’re tired of looking at them, there’s no reason not to make a change. The look alone is reason enough for a replacement.

After all, even though it’s just a small design element, an old lock could bring down the appearance of your home’s entry. You don’t have to settle for a run-down aesthetic. Make the change and make your home the best it can possibly be!

In Need of a Lock Replacement from a Batavia Locksmith?

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