New sliding door on a commercial building in Oak Park, IllinoisFor the most part, locks are highly reliable entities. That said, although they are typically very sturdy, they can eventually break down and fail to do their job. When this occurs, you’ll want to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Now, you might be wondering: how do you know when it’s time to replace your locks? Are there any specific signs to look out for? The answer is ‘yes’, and we’re going to review them below. Here are five signs you need a commercial lock replacement in Oak Park.

1. Do Your Locks Look Old?

In some cases, after years and years of use, your locks can start to look old and worn down. While your locks may operate as needed, they might simply look antiquated. This is reason enough to make a change.

After all, you don’t want the look of your locks to drag down the overall look of your business. Leaving a set of old locks on your building could potentially make your property look outdated.

2. Are You Looking for More Accessibility Options?

Do you still use keyed locks? Are you tired of the limited accessibility options provided by them? If so, you might consider upgrading to electronic locks instead.

Electronic locks allow for much more variation in accessibility. Not only can they quickly provide access to additional employees, but they can also quickly take access away. This is particularly true of keypad locks, which can be programmed to allow for different passcodes in just a matter of minutes.

3. Are Your Locks Dysfunctional?

Maybe your locks have trouble disengaging when you attempt to open the door? Perhaps your locks feel loose and wobbly? In any case, if your locks come across as dysfunctional, you shouldn’t wait to have them fixed or replaced.

Allowing dysfunctional locks to remain dysfunctional is going to put added wear and tear on them, shortening their lifespan. Not to mention, it’s going to leave your business much less secure. First, see if a repair is possible. If it’s not, you’ll likely have to opt for a replacement instead.

4. Was Your Property Recently Broken Into?

One of the surest signs that you should replace your locks is that your property was recently broken into. If you’ve experienced a break-in recently, you could just as easily experience a break-in in the future…unless, of course, you get those locks changed.

There are a number of reasons for why a break-in could have occurred. Maybe someone has a key that corresponds with your locks? Perhaps your locks are in a bad state and can be easily picked? Regardless, a replacement can make all the difference.

5. Does an Unwanted Individual Have a Key to Your Property?

The last reason to replace commercial locks is that an unwanted individual has a key to your building. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an employee you just let go, a former building janitor, a construction worker, or otherwise — if he or she has a key, he or she could easily make their way back in.

There’s only one legitimate fix to this problem: you should have your locks replaced.

Need a Commercial Lock Replacement in Oak Park?

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