Key broken off inside of a door lock at a house in Alsip, IllinoisFor the most part, locks are exceedingly functional entities. Not only do they serve their purpose reliably, they do so for many years, thriving through all sorts of wear and tear.

That said, locks do incur problems from time to time. Curious as to what these problems might be? Take it from an Alsip locksmith: here are four common lock problems you should know about.

1. Key Broken Off Within the Lock

Over time, as keys suffer wear and tear, they become weak and brittle. In some cases, this comes to a head when the key breaks off within its corresponding lock.

When this occurs, it can create quite a stressful experience. However, if it happens to you, you don’t have to panic. Your key is not going to be stuck in your lock forever, and you’re not going to have to replace your lock entirely. There are methods available to help get that key out.

If you’re trying to remove the broken key by yourself, you can attempt to do so by cutting off a piece of a jigsaw blade and sticking it into the keyhole. Gently pull the piece of the jigsaw blade toward you and, if you’re lucky, the key will come out along with it.

Don’t have a jigsaw blade, or you’re not having any success with this method? In this case, it’s recommended that you call your local locksmith. Professional locksmiths have all of the tools and resources needed to remove broken keys from locks. A locksmith can retrieve the key and fix the issue in short order.

2. Key Turning Roughly

When you try to turn your key inside your lock, do you feel like you’re pushing up against a brick wall? This can occur over time as a lock is exposed to more and more deterioration. In some cases, it can be fixed with a bit of lubrication. Note, though, that in other cases, it spells the end of the lock’s functionality, and could very well signify the need for a replacement.

Try to lubricate the lock with WD-40 or compressed air. If that doesn’t work, you’re likely going to have to have the lock replaced. In any case, a locksmith can assist you.

3. Lock Misalignment

Another problem to look out for is lock misalignment. This occurs over time as a doorway shifts and settles. The lock — which should engage and disengage with little friction — shifts with the doorway, resulting in substantial friction during closures and openings.

In most cases, a misaligned lock can be fixed with a realigning of the door. Though you could try to handle this task on your own, your safest option is to call your local locksmith. He or she will solve the problem for you in a timely and professional manner.

4. Lock Seizing

The last problem we’ll discuss is the problem of lock seizing. This occurs when you put the key in the lock, but you aren’t able to turn it at all.

In the majority of cases, lock seizing means it’s the end of the road for the lock in question. While lubrication could make a bit of difference, it likely won’t last for long. The better option is to have the lock replaced entirely.

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