Hoping to enhance the security capabilities of your business property? If so, you would be wise to install new locks. There are a number of different locks to choose from, each of which offers different benefits and downsides.

Wondering which locks are available to you? Looking to learn a licommercial-locksmith-elginttle about them? This article has you covered. Here are four types of commercial locks you can acquire from an Elgin locksmith.

Cylindrical Locks

Looking for a traditional approach to your security? If so, you should opt for cylindrical locks. Cylindrical locks work manually, requiring a key in order to be engaged and disengaged. Highly secure and durable, they can thrive for decades. More affordable than the other locks on our list, they’re great for those who are buying on a budget.

All of that said, there are downsides to cylindrical locks. Because they require the use of keys, they can be inconvenient to work with. For instance, if you want to remove someone’s access to your building, you will have to either physically retrieve his or her key, or rekey the locks to a new key.

There’s also the issue of automation — cylindrical locks don’t allow for it. They can’t engage or disengage automatically, and so they must be operated in-person.

Electronic Keypad Locks

If you are interested in lock automation, you should consider electronic keypad locks. Not only can these locks can be programmed to allow for automatic engagement and disengagement, but they can also be programmed to allow for vast access variation.

Electronic keypad locks eliminate the need for keys. Instead, they allow users to disengage them with the use of passcodes. As long as you punch in a valid passcode, you will be given access.

Want to take access away from a specific individual? All you have to do is invalidate his or her passcode. Want to provide access to a new individual? All you have to do is create a new passcode.

There is a downside to electronic locks, however. Should a user reveal his or her passcode to an unwanted individual, that unwanted individual would be able to gain access.

Exit Devices

Do you own a warehouse, factory, restaurant, gymnasium, or theater? If so, you would be best served by exit devices. Long and narrow, exit devices span their respective doors in a horizontal fashion.

Exceedingly easy to disengage, they require only slight bumps of the hip. This ease of access is the reason that they’re commonly used on fire doors.

Exit devices are useful in any building where an employee’s hands aren’t typically free. Let’s say that a warehouse employee is carrying out boxes to load into a truck. An exit device would allow him or her to open the door without putting down the boxes.

Push Paddles

Push paddles work in the same general way as exit devices. To disengage them, all you need to do is push them in. That said, they’re typically smaller than exit devices and only exist on a portion of their corresponding doors. As such, they’re a little more difficult to trigger.

These locks are used on both interior and exterior doors, and they can be found on all types of commercial buildings. Durable and difficult to pick, they provide excellent security.

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