home-safe-residentialAs humans, we are responsible for keeping track of all sorts of different personal possessions. While all of these possessions serve some sort of purpose, some of these possessions are more important than others.

To ensure the safety of these highly valuable possessions, it’s important that we keep them stored in extremely secure locations. In particular, we should keep them stored in safes.

Are you curious as to which items you should keep in your home safe in Glen Ellyn, Illinois? Read on to find out!


Not only are passports expensive to purchase, but they’re also a pain to obtain. For this reason, you’ll want to avoid losing yours. A safe will provide a secure and familiar place for your passport, not only protecting it from fire and water damage, but from thieves as well.

Birth Certificate

As an American citizen, you need your birth certificate for a number of different purposes. Not only is a birth certificate needed to get married, but to inherit money from parents, enroll in school, and sign up for Medicaid as well.

For this reason, it’s important that you keep your birth certificate under tight wraps. Your best bet is to store it inside of a home safe.

Insurance Policies

While almost everything has been digitized these days, it’s still a good idea to keep hard copies of important documents. For instance, if you have any insurance policies taken out, you should have them represented on paper. To maintain them, you can store them safely in your home safe.


Maybe your grandfather gave you a baseball signed by Babe Ruth? Perhaps a watch was passed down to you by your father? In any case, if you have a priceless heirloom in your possession, you would be wise to protect it. A home safe will get the job done.


Do you have any expensive jewelry that you only wear for special occasions? If so, the last thing you want is for it to be stolen or destroyed. How can you protect your jewelry from theft and damage? By keeping it in a home safe.

A home safe will not only seal your jewelry away from thieves, but from flooding, fire, and other natural disasters. If you’re looking to protect your investment, a safe is your best option.


If you have any weapons in your home, it’s highly recommended that you keep them locked away in a home safe. This is particularly true if you have children living in your home.

Weapons such as guns, knives, and tasers can cause irreparable damage if improperly handled. However, if they’re locked away in a home safe, there’s no risk of them being misused.


Like weapons, medications can be harmful to children and other less-than-responsible individuals. For this reason, it’s recommended that you keep them locked up in a safe. Having them stored in a safe will ensure that only designated individuals are able to access them.

Spare Keys

We use keys for everything, including our cars, our homes, our sheds, and much more. Unfortunately, however, from time to time, we lose or misplace our keys. In cases such as these, our best hope is that we have a spare lying around the house somewhere.

How can we ensure that our spare keys are well-functioning and easy to find? By storing them away in a home safe.

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