Although manual locks still exist on homes and commercial buildings, they are becoming much less popular than they once were. Electronic locks have grown in popularity as of late, and appear to the be future of lock technology.

The reason for this is simple: electronic locks excel in ways that manual locks cannot. Wondering how exactly they excel? This blog post is for you. Here are the benefits of electronic locks in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Awesome Automation Capabilities

Perhaps the most obvious way that electronic locks excel over manual locks is in their automation capabilities. Electronic locks can be programmed to suit a number of different operational preferences.

For instance, if you wish, you can program your electronic locks to unlock at the same time every day. Conversely, you can program your electronic locks to lock back up at the same time each day as well. You can even unlock your door from a remote location in real time, allowing someone else to access your building whenever needed.

All of this can be done from a remote software either on your computer or on your phone. In essence, electronic locks can make business operations much easier and more convenient.

Excellent Security

Some individuals question the security capabilities of electronic locks as compared to manual locks. However, the fact of the matter is that electronic locks are generally just as secure as manual locks.

Because they don’t contain any keyholes, electronic locks can be almost impossible to pick. In fact, they are sometimes more secure than manual locks.

In the end, one point remains: electronic locks provide excellent security. You generally won’t have to worry about anyone breaking through your doors when they’re equipped with electronic locks.

No Need for Keys

Although most of us are used to it by now, carrying keys around with us everywhere can sometimes become a little irritating. Many of us can’t even go outside for a run or a walk without having to keep a house key in our pocket.

However, with electronic locks, carrying a key around is no longer a necessity. The only thing you’ll need to access an electronic lock is the appropriate code.

Most electronic locks allow for several codes to be entered, which means you can assign different codes to different individuals. If need be, you can even make a specific person’s code ineligible for entry. This certainly beats having to ask that person to return their key.

Various Accessibility Options

If you would like to have as many accessibility options as possible, you may want to consider installing electronic locks. Electronic locks allow for essentially endless accessibility possibilities, allowing you to unlock doors automatically at specific times, lock doors automatically at specific times, and take away a person’s accessibility privileges on command.

No other types of locks allow for this variation in accessibility. With other types of locks, you would have to lock and unlock doors manually, and take away people’s keys to prevent them from entering.

Make Use of Electronic Locks in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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