business-locks-wheatonPerhaps you’re building a new commercial property? Maybe your existing commercial property is in need of a security update? In either case, you have a need for commercial lock installation in Wheaton, Illinois.

If so, there are a variety of locks to choose from, all of which offer something just a little different in terms of functionality and performance. Wondering what exactly is available to you? Read on!

Cylindrical Locks

Cylindrical locks have been used on commercial properties for many decades. These are a type of manual lock that requires the use of a physical key.

These locks are ridiculously secure, holding up against both lock-picking and direct physical trauma. You’ll often see these locks used on both interior and exterior doors. Whether it’s a wood office door, a steel front door, or otherwise, it can be secured with a cylindrical lock.

verall, cylindrical locks are highly effective. However, they have one possible downside, which is that they don’t offer any automation. However, if you’re not interested in automation capabilities, they are a very solid choice.

Electronic Keypad Locks

Electronic keypad locks are growing more and more popular by the day. Used on both exterior and interior doors, they offer a number of functions.

One of the biggest perks of electronic locks is fairly obvious: they don’t require the use of physical keys. All that you need to disengage an electronic keypad lock is an access code. Simply enter this code on the keypad, and you’re good to go.

In addition to this, they provide automation. Making use of software, they can be programmed to automatically unlock at specific times and automatically lock at specific times. You can also unlock them on command from a remote area.

Because of their exceptional functionality, electronic keypad locks are being used by more and more companies. Are you interested in implementing these locks? A professional locksmith can provide you with all the information you need, and can also install them for you.

Crash Bar Locks

Crash bar locks are the long, narrow, horizontal locks that you commonly see on emergency fire exit doors. While these locks are most often associated with emergency exits, they can also be used for other types of doors.

Crash bar locks are very easy to disengage. All that you need to do is bump them with your leg or hip, and they’ll swing right open. This makes them great for situations in which peoples’ hands are full.

Used on both exterior and interior doors, crash bar locks are a great choice for warehouses and factories. Hotels can also benefit from these locks, and do so on a regular basis.

Push Paddle Locks

Push paddle locks work in a similar way to crash bar locks, but are slightly different. Whereas crash bar locks stretch across the entire length of their corresponding doors in a horizontal manner, push paddle locks exist only on one half of their corresponding doors.

Generally square shaped, they just need to be pushed in order to be disengaged. In most cases, a slight nudge will do the job.

Push paddle locks can be used on doors of all types, including both exterior and interior doors. Offering tons of security, they are a solid option for many types of commercial applications.

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