door-lock-replacementLocks exist for one main reason: security. This is why, when the security of a lock becomes compromised, you will likely want to replace it as soon as possible.

Formerly secure locks can lose their security capabilities for a number of different reasons. Are you curious as to whether or not your locks are still secure? Wondering if you require a lock replacement in Warrenville, Illinois? Here are some scenarios that would require a change of locks.

After a Break-In Has Occurred

There’s no doubt about it: break-ins are scary. You will probably want to do everything in your power to ensure that one doesn’t happen to you.

If your home has recently been broken into, and the intruder didn’t break in through windows or unlocked doors, it is strongly recommended that you change your locks. After all, locks that were picked or broken into in the past could be easily picked or broken into again.

There are many types of locks available today, all of which provide a great deal as far as security is concerned. Do you need help finding an appropriate set of new locks for your home? An experienced locksmith can help you.

When Your Locks Have Become Substantially Deteriorated

Like all things, locks have a finite lifespan. Though they’re capable of enduring years of hardship, they will eventually give out completely, and will need to be replaced.

There are several ways to tell if your locks are too worn down to function properly. If they’re no longer sitting flush against your door, but jiggling around instead, they will probably need to be changed. Failing to change locks like these greatly compromises the security of your home, making it vulnerable to intruders of all types.

In some cases, deteriorated locks can be repaired. However, in many cases, they will need to be changed entirely.

When Your Keys Won’t Turn Easily

When you put a corresponding key into a lock, that key should turn with ease. You shouldn’t have to exert any special effort in order to make it turn. If you have to struggle every time you unlock your door, it might be time for a new lock.

This is, unfortunately, just a part of the way that locks work. Over time, as they face more and more friction, their interior components start to deteriorate.

This deterioration causes jamming and misalignment issues that can’t easily be repaired. Therefore, a replacement might be your best option.

When Your Spare Key Goes Missing

When it comes to traditional, residential locks, many homeowners keep a spare key. The reason for this? Convenience. Someone we get locked out of our houses, and it helps to have access to a spare key.

The downside to this is that spare keys can go missing for a number of reasons. Maybe you gave one to your neighbor so that he or she could watch your pets? Maybe you gave one to your ex? Maybe you left a key under the door mat and it’s suddenly gone?

In any case, if you think someone out there has your spare key, it’s wise to have your locks changed.

In Need of Door Lock Replacement in Warrenville?

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