business-closed-signPerhaps you’re building a new office or work facility? Maybe you’re having trouble with the locks on your current office or work facility? In any case, if you’re reading this blog, you’re looking to install new business locks in Bedford Park, Illinois.

If so, you have a number of things to consider, and a number of different locks to choose from. To help you make the right selection, we’re going to discuss these considerations and choices below.

Things to Consider:

When choosing new locks for your business, there are two general things you’ll want to consider. These things include automation and functionality.


For hundreds of years, locks were operated entirely manually. You couldn’t disengage a lock unless you took the appropriate key and physically turned it in the keyhole.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Technological advances have allowed for a great deal of automation when it comes to locks. Computer software allow you to establish automatic locking schedules, disengaging locks at certain times of the day and engaging locks at certain times of the day.

Automated locks can be highly beneficial, saving you time, effort, and brain power. While they aren’t a necessity, they’re quite useful for businesses.


Different types of locks work in different ways. Whereas some locks require the use of physical keys, other locks can be disengaged electronically. While some locks require a great deal of effort in order to disengage, other locks can be disengaged with just a slight bit of contact.

Each commercial scenario requires different lock capabilities. You should assess your business operations to determine which locks would best suit your needs.

Types of Business Locks

These days, there is no shortage of commercial locks available to businesses. Some of the most common business locks will be reviewed below.

Electronic Keypad Locks

Electronic keypad locks don’t require the use of a physical key. Instead, they require that you enter a code in order to gain access. Extremely secure and capable of a great deal of automation, they accommodate a number of different codes. This means that you could assign an entry code to each and every one of your employees.


Cylindrical locks are traditional commercial locks that require the use of a physical key. Extremely durable and secure, they can be successfully used both indoors and outdoors. However, because they are not powered by electricity, they don’t allow for any automation. If you want to provide access to all of your employees, you’ll need to hand out individual keys.

Crash Bars

Crash bars are the types of locks that you’ll usually find equipped to emergency doors. Entirely mechanical, they don’t allow for any automation. These locks are long and narrow, and are situated horizontally across the entirety of doors. Easy to open, they can be disengaged with a simple bump of the hip.

Push Paddles

Similar to crash bars, push paddles can be disengaged with a simple push. These locks generally sit on only one side of doors, positioned in a similar way to cylindrical locks and keypad locks. Though they don’t allow for any automation, they’re exceedingly easy to open and disengage.

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