door-lock-replacementA home with faulty locks is an unsafe home. It’s for this reason that you should be aware of the quality of your locks at all times. Locks can become compromised in a number of ways, allowing unwanted individuals to enter your home.

How can you tell if your locks are no longer sufficient? How do you know whether or not you require a lock replacement in Warrenville, Illinois? By considering the following.

Are Your Locks Loose?

In order for a lock to be truly secure, it should be set flush against the door that it’s attached to. If it’s wobbly and loose against its corresponding door, it’s probably not getting the job done. This is true whether you are able to lock it or not.

Locks can become loose for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are inadequately installed, and sometimes they are just worn down from years of consistent use.

In some cases, loose locks such as these can be repaired. However, in other cases, a full replacement might be needed. In either case, a qualified locksmith can help make this determination for you.

Does Someone Have Keys to Your Lock?

Is there anyone out there that might have a set of keys to your locks? Perhaps your ex has a key? Maybe one of the construction workers who helped build your house has a key? Maybe the former owner of your house still has a key?

Regardless of who it is, if an unwanted person has a key to your locks, your security is compromised. That person could potentially enter into your house at any time.

The only way to ensure that unwanted individuals with a key don’t make their way into your home is by changing your locks. If you have any doubts about whether an unwanted person has a copy of your key, it’s strongly recommended that you make the change.

Is it Difficult to Turn Your Key?

When you slide your key into the lock, are you able to turn it with ease, or is it grinding roughly against the inside of your lock? If it’s grinding roughly, it could very well be time for a lock change.

Locks are never meant to be difficult to engage or disengage. If you have to exert a great deal of effort in order to turn your key, there is something amiss. In most cases, your locks are just old and worn down, no longer capable of performing in the way they once did.

In rare cases, rough locks can be repaired. However, in most cases, a full replacement will be needed.

Have You Experienced a Break-In?

This is a simple one: if your home has recently been broken into, you should change your locks. This is, of course, unless someone broke in through your windows or an unlocked door.

Otherwise, if someone broke into your home, that person either has a copy of your key or was able to pick your locks. In either case, your current locks are making your home vulnerable.

We recommend calling a professional locksmith to replace your locks immediately. He or she can discuss what types of locks are available, and can install those locks for you on short notice.

In Need of a Lock Replacement in Warrenville, Illinois?

Maybe you have spare keys floating around town? Perhaps your locks are worn down and deteriorated? In any case, you need a lock replacement in Warrenville, Illinois.

An experienced Warrenville locksmith can help you replace those locks. Where can you find such a locksmith? Right here with Suburban Door Check and Lock Service.

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