electronic-door-lock-keypadDo you own or manage a commercial property? Are you still using traditional key locks on this property? If so, you might be interested in learning a little about electronic locks. While traditional key locks will certainly serve their purpose, they pale in comparison to electronic locks in a number of areas.

Curious as to how electronic locks excel over traditional locks in a commercial setting? Then read on! The following are the benefits of electronic locks for businesses in Oak Brook, Illinois.

No Need for Keys

Do you give keys to every new employee that you hire? If so, you likely have quite a few keys floating around out there. While this doesn’t normally prove to be much of a problem, it could very easily become one.

Let’s say that you have a spiteful ex-employee who doesn’t give his or her key back? Let’s say one of your employees loses his or her key and it falls into a stranger’s hands? Should this happen, your commercial property would become vulnerable to thievery and destruction.

With electronic locks, however, this is not a concern. Because they don’t make use of traditional metal keys, electronic locks are much less likely to be accessed by unwanted individuals.

Endless Accessibility Options

One of the great things about electronic locks is that they can be programmed to accommodate a variety of different accessibility options. Not only can they accept a number of different passcodes, they can determine exactly when specific passcodes are appropriate for entry.

This is never true of traditional locks. Traditional locks are generally only compatible with one shape of key, and they can generally be opened at any time of the day.

Electronic keys are great because they allow for accessibility changes on the fly with minimal effort being put forth. If you want to deprogram a specific person’s access code, you can simply go into your locks’ software program and make the necessary changes.

Nearly Impossible to Pick

If you want to make your commercial property as impenetrable to thieves as possible, you should consider switching to electronic locks. While some electronic locks (those with cylinders) can be picked, most can’t.

Because electronic locks typically possess no keyholes, there is no way for intruders to manipulate them with small tools and lockpicks. The only way for an intruder to get through an electronic lock is by using physical force.

This is obviously not true of traditional locks. Traditional locks all have keyholes, making them possible for intruders to pick.

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