front-door-lockWhen you have locks installed, you can typically expect to get decades of use out of them. However, at some point, whether it be due to deterioration or other factors, they will start to lose their functionality.

Perhaps your locks are at this stage? Maybe you are wondering if it’s time to make a change? To determine whether or not it’s the right time to change your locks in Des Plaines, there are 4 indications to focus on. If these indications are present, a change in your locks is highly recommended.

1. Your House Was Broken Into

Was your house broken into recently? If so, and if no windows were smashed, your locks are more than likely experiencing a problem of some kind. While they could just be suffering from extreme deterioration, there is also a chance that someone out there has a copy of your key.

Regardless of the source of the problem, if your house was broken into, we highly recommend that you change your locks promptly. If you decide not to, a break-in could very well happen again.

2. Your Locks are Loose

When door knobs and locks are fastened to a door, they are installed snugly to ensure that they cannot be removed easily. However, as time passes and as nature takes its course, these door knobs and locks can slowly separate from the door on which they are installed.

The more that these door knobs and locks separate from their corresponding doors, the more vulnerable they become to the outside world. If and when they have reached a point of separation, intruders can very easily manipulate them, reaching into the internal components to disengage them and enter into your home.

If your locks are loose and separated from your doors, you should, at the very least, have them repaired. However, in most cases, a full replacement is the better decision.

3. An Unwanted Person Has a Key

If your home or business is equipped with traditional locks, your locks require the use of a physical key. One problem with these locks is that, in order for them to be 100% effective, none of their corresponding keys can be in the hands of any unwanted individuals. The more unwanted individuals who have corresponding keys, the greater chance that your home or business can be broken into or they can have copies of the keys made, which may end up in the wrong hands.

Often times, instead of trying to retrieve all of the keys which have been made for your locks, it’s easier to just have your locks changed. Changing to new locks ensures that only you and other desired individuals have access to your home or business.

4. It’s Difficult to Turn Your Key

Ideally, when you insert a key into your lock, it should slide in without difficulty. Once the key has been inserted, it should, again, turn without much resistance or friction against it. If you find that inserting and turning your key has become a struggle, it is probably time for a replacement.

In the majority of cases, when a key becomes difficult to turn, simple lubrication can take care of the problem. In other cases, however, the only way to fix the problem is by having your locks replaced entirely.

How Should You Go About Changing Your Locks?

Have you determined that it’s time to make a lock change? Wondering how to go about it? For most individuals, it is highly recommended to bring in a professional locksmith.

Are you interested in bringing in a professional locksmith? Looking for a professional locksmith in Des Plaines, Illinois? We here at Suburban Door Check and Lock Service are the people to see.

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