You might be wondering whether or not your locks need to be replaced? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This post should have all of the information you need to inform your decision.

As a general rule, if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, your locks will likely need to be changed. Here are some of the main things to consider:

Has Your Home Recently Been Broken Into?

If someone has managed to break into your home, yet your doors were locked, and your windows weren’t broken, it is highly recommended that you have your locks changed as soon as possible. In this scenario, faulty locks could very well be the explanation for the break-in.

Perhaps your locks can be easily picked by intruders? Maybe someone has a key to your locks? Whatever the case may be, your home might not be secure. The only sure way to make it secure again is by having all new locks installed.

Did You Just Move into a New Residence?

If you have just moved into a new home that was previously occupied, it’s wise to change its locks. Anyone who had access to the house before you (ie. realtors, previous residents, cleaning crews, etc.) could very well still have access to a key which corresponds to your locks. This could be a potential danger.

In this scenario, the only way to ensure that no one has access to a working key is to install new locks.

Do You Have Trouble Turning Your Key?

Though locks are designed to thrive through decades and decades of use, they will, at some point, become worn out. When they begin to break down, they often demonstrate a variety of different signs. One of the most noticeable signs will be the inability to turn your key within your locks.

If you feel like you have to struggle just to turn your key and open your door, your locks have likely outlived their expiration date. A full replacement would be wise.

Do Your Locks Look Deteriorated?

Have your locks lost their aesthetic shine? Are they starting to disconnect from your door? Do they feel loose? If so, they are probably on the verge of breaking down. A change will likely be needed soon.

Allowing your locks to get to this point can seriously compromise the security of your home. In order to prevent break-ins, it is recommended that you call a locksmith to install some new locks as soon as possible.

Are There Duplicate Keys Floating Around?

It’s simple: if someone has a key to your home who you don’t want having a key to your home, it is wise to change your locks. This is the only sure way to prevent that person from unlocking your doors and coming into your house.

If you have ever misplaced a duplicate key to your home, there’s no telling where it might have ended up. Having your locks replaced can make your house more secure, while giving you peace of mind.

Have Your Locks Replaced by a Naperville Locksmith

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In business since 1963, we are experts when it comes to your residential locks. We can assess your locks, determine whether or not they should be changed, and make any necessary changes.

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