These days, more and more businesses are using electronic locks in order to keep their buildings and possessions secured. The reasons for this are many, as electronic locks offer a number of benefits which you simply cannot get from traditional locks.

Maybe you’re thinking about utilizing electronic locks for your business? Perhaps you’re wondering about the advantages? If so, you’re reading the right article.

Here are the benefits of electronic locks in Wheaton, Illinois.

Automated Locking

One of the most convenient features of electronic locks is that they can be programmed to lock and unlock automatically at different times. This ensures that your commercial building always allows access when necessary, and also always denies access when necessary.

Let’s say, for instance, that you want to unlock your doors every morning at 7, and close your doors every evening at 8. Using the corresponding software, you can pre-select these times to unlock and lock your doors, respectively.

When using traditional locks, on the other hand, automation is not at all possible. You will always have to lock your doors manually.

Don’t Require Keys

The fact of the matter is that keys can be a nuisance. If you aren’t constantly carrying them around with you, you aren’t able to unlock your doors.

When you utilize electronic locks, however, you don’t necessarily have to worry about keys. While you can install electronic locks that are disengaged by key cards, you can also install electronic locks that are disengaged with a keypad. Therefore, you only need the right code or a key fab to get inside.

Utilizing a keypad ensures that those who you want to have access will always have access, and that those who you don’t want to have access will never get inside. Instead of having to create new keys for new employees, you can simply share the passcode with new employees.

Exceedingly Secure

Perhaps you’re concerned about the security provided by electronic locks? If so, you can rest assured knowing that there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, electronic locks are generally more secure than traditional locks.

Most traditional locks contain keyholes through which potential thieves can disengage the internal mechanisms. In essence, traditional locks are able to be picked by a professional thief.

In most cases, electronic locks contain no such keyhole. Because of this, their internal mechanisms cannot be accessed. The only way to break into an electronic lock is to remove it from its corresponding door.

Endless Accessibility Options

Commercial buildings routinely see the coming and going of many employees, clients, and customers. The only problem is that you do not necessarily want to provide the same access capabilities to each and every person who shows up to your building.

For instance, you might want to provide access to certain doors for employees only, while providing access to other doors customers and clients. In another scenario, you might want to allow access to certain employees, while denying access to other employees.

What is the best way to accommodate these various access options? By utilizing electric locks in Wheaton, Illinois. Through the use of a corresponding software, you can designate access of all kinds to specific doors, accommodating any entrance/access combination you could ever want for your building.

Benefit from Electronic Locks in Wheaton, Illinois

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