With the advancement of technology comes new inventions and innovations. One of these innovations is the electronic door lock. Both individuals and companies make use of these locks, but there are still a great number of people and companies who remain skeptical of their security, functionality, and usefulness.

First, let’s discuss the two most common types of electronic locks 

•  Keypad locks 

Keypad locks were the first keyless electronic locks ever made. Used on both residential and commercial structures, they are still growing in popularity, being added to more and more buildings as time goes by. To use these locks, you must enter a keycode. While some keypad locks only allow one keycode for entry purposes, many of them allow several different codes to be entered for entry. 

•  Proximity locks 

Where sliding card locks once existed, proximity locks haven taken over. These locks make use of RFID (radiofrequency identification) technology to unlock doors simply when a designated key card is put in the general vicinity of the lock’s receptor. Used commonly by businesses and apartment complexes, many of these locks don’t even require you to remove your key card from your pocket or keychain. Simply aim the card against the receptor and gain access almost immediately.

Why electronic keypad locks are the right choice for your company

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s talk about why your company needs electronic keypad door locks. 

•  Employees can gain access to the building themselves at any time 

When you’ve got electronic keypad locks established on your building, anyone with the correct passcode can gain entry. This means that employees with the entry code can enter the building at any time regardless of whether or not it’s been unlocked.

Maybe you want employees to come in on a Saturday but aren’t around to open the building yourself. With electronic keypad locks, this is no problem. Each employee can come to the building, disengage the lock themselves, and gain simple entry at any time. 

•  There are no keys to worry about 

Perhaps the most advantageous part of having electronic keypad locks is that no physical key is required for entry. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about losing a key, keeping tabs on a key, or making a key for every one of your employees. By simply remembering a passcode, you’ll have complete access at all times. 

•  You can’t get locked out 

As was just mentioned, electronic keypad locks don’t require the use of a key. Because you don’t need a key in your possession to open a door, there’s no chance of you getting locked out of your building. 

•  You can change accessibility at any time 

Let’s say one of your employees quits and never returns his or her key to enter the building. All of a sudden, you’ve got working keys floating around and potentially getting into the hands of intruders. This is obviously something that you don’t want to happen.

A great perk of having electronic keypad locks is that you can change the passcode at any time without any charge to you. If you wish to change access with physical key locks or proximity key cards, it will cost you time, effort, and money. Not only might you have to completely change the lock, but you’ll also have to purchase all new keys. It goes without saying that purchasing a new key for every single one of your employees can start to get a little costly. 

•  Customizable access 

Most electronic keypad locks can accept hundreds of different passcodes, allowing you to give a separate code to each and every one of your employees. This customization capability is great for situations in which employees quit or are let go.

Instead of having to notify everyone that you’ve changed the universal passcode, you can just nullify the passcode of the employee who is no longer with the company. This will keep things running smoothly and ensure that the correct people have necessary access to the building at all given times.

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