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Benefits of Electronic Door Locks Systems

There are many advantages to Electronic Door Lock Systems over traditional mechanical door locks. Some of those advantages include programmable security clearances, automatic door lock/unlock scheduling, and centralized management.  

Access controlled doors, used to secure areas, allow only authorized personnel to enter into secure areas.  Individual personnel can each have their own security clearances managed through the Access Control System (ACS) during specific scheduled hours.  This will negate the need to issue keys and to change the locks when the keys are lost or stolen.  When ID badges replace keys, you can have clearances set up, through the ACS, eliminating the security risk of keys being lost or stolen and a copy made and used in an inappropriate manner.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Electronic Keypad Locks

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s talk about why your company needs electronic keypad door locks.

      1. Employees can gain access to the building themselves at any time

When you’ve got electronic keypad locks established on your building, anyone with the correct passcode can gain entry. This means that employees with the entry code can enter the building at any time regardless of whether or not it’s been unlocked.

 Maybe you want employees to come in on a Saturday but aren’t around to open the building yourself.

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